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  • @kathy, we must be near the bottom of the page. If you want to keep your crown you'd better pipe up.
  • I've just nipped ahead of Asher. Do you think his mum has tucked him in yet?
  • Darn I missed it!! Be back later!
  • But if we really need Grammar lessons we need to call in @HunnyBunny She's the local expert :D I say that with the Utmost respect :D
  • Grammar we love you. Grammar we do. I told you not to let me near the jukebox.
  • Ok I'll really be back later, I'm on Babbler Alert! Only 1 in the house this time, but the other is expected any minute! Not to mention I arrived home from work after Babbler #2 picked me up because Dave took my car to the shop, to find MiL in the house, Dave still at the shop , with my car. Long story ..
  • Sounds like a really interesting story. But hold the front page. Asher is still at it, his mum must let him stay up late on a Friday night.
  • Why did Dave take your car to find his mum in the house?How many rooms do you have? I thought you had a 'tiny' apartment not the Taj Mahal.
  • Grammar lessons or grandma lessons?
    Reminds me of one of the classic grammar examples.
    Let's eat grandma.
    Let's eat, grandma.
    Don't get these two confused.
    Twiggy says woof, @briann. She's not a big fan of ladders.
  • Think I may have mentioned I've been bitten several times in the line of duty(by dogs not customers) Mostly due to the noise of my ladders, something about it dogs don't like.

    Reminds me of a humorous experience I had with former neighbours. They have a yappy dog and it always used to scrate when I put my ladders away at the end of the day. This one time she said the other things it hates are the noise of a brush and a wheelie bin. Cue my son for some unknown reason, dragging a yard brush past the dog just as I came back for the empty bin. To this day I don't know if she thought I was winding her up, but it was all totally coincidental.
  • Just to wind you up @kathy, I'm feeling fezzy princessy tonite. I have to work tomorrow, off to bed, please relate your exciting Dave drives car around house experience in all it's gory detail. Shall enjoy it tomorrow.
  • Lol @BrianN I'll be sure to tell the story tomorrow,
    Nighty Night ...
  • Yes @kathy... and... (Dan loves a bit of ellipsis)...
  • Ok It's not that interesting of a story lol!
    My car is a Chevy, our neighbor works at a Lexus dealer, he's the service manager so he knows all the mechanics, so my car is making rattling noises! Dave drove me to work so that he could bring my car to the shop at 4p.m, I get out of work at 4p.m . He called me at 3p.m send said his mother was coming over, which confused me because Why bother coming, but she did! Lorreta picked me up at 4p.m on the dot! I got home, Dave gone to the shop, Mother here watching tv , Introduce Babbler #3 ! So Mother left, Lorreta comes in, Lorreta leaves, Dave comes in!
    When one Door Closes, another one Opens , sometimes simultaneously, usually! I'm surprised they didn't all bump elbows in the hallway!
    *Not proofreading grammar*
    Point of Story is I Never get a moment to myself! Which is why I stay in bed until 11a.m on weekends!
  • I stayed up all night just to hear about your rattling chevy? How dare you?
  • I think the rattling noise is your brain.
  • Think you need to babble proof your house.
  • Sorry @BrianN ,I didn't say it was a story worth losing sleep over! Lol
    I found a new Netflix show called 'The Sinner ' watched the last 5 minutes of it, which lasted half an hour! Babble Proof my house? Ya Think??
  • Imagine a new Netflix show called The Babblers. Question is, who would you have play you?
  • My new range of concrete bird food is impeccable.
  • That went down well then. Deafening silence.
  • Well @DesperateDan did you hope to succeed. Pronounced suckseed
  • Idk @desperatedan, you make a lame bird joke and wait for applause? You're in the wrong pub. I've got a headache now. Can't find any pain relief. Yes, the parrots eat 'em all.
  • That's 3 lame bird jokes in a row. Must be someone else's turn. Bet you know a few @gumby.
  • @DesperateDan I liked your joke lol! Sorry I wasn't here to *insert Rolly Guy* :/
    I don't know any Quiet actresses who would play me in The Netflix Top Hit 'The Babblers' after all she wouldn't have an acting job if she was quiet, unless there's a mad request for actresses who say 'yep' 'oh' Yeah' 'uh huh' and nod a lot, whilst staring at her tablet!
  • I must've missed the other 2 lame jokes? I got the one about the concrete birdseed, you were treading thin water there for a bit, I thought OB might blow!
  • I think we just need to develop the plot line a bit @kathy. There could be plenty of brooding and simmering leading up to something dramatic. Not in real life of course. Maybe we could write the BP into the story. Maybe Netflix can spot a turkey when they see one. Still think it's good title. I'd watch something called The Babblers.
  • Some UK news just in. A Cadbury's lorry has crashed on the M62. The motorway is said to be choca.
  • See, no birds were made lame in that one.
  • Speaking of lame birds, how are you @kathy?Good day at the DOD?
  • Hey Everyone! Babblers on speed tonight, or crack or something!
    @DesperateDan I agree it would make quite a comedy, I wonder if they'd be offended of I started video taping?? He would :(
  • 'choca'?? I'm assuming it's chocolate, but I don't get the joke?
    Going to hide in my bedroom and watch Netflix..
  • @BrianN DOD just another boring Tuesday, testing sonar devices to detect enemy submarines ;)
  • Won't be so boring if those subs turn up for real I guess.
  • Twiggy likes music. Her favourite composer is Offenbach (geddit?)
  • @kathy. Cadbury = chocolate. Second largest confectionary company in the world after Mars. Somewhere, somebody on a boring Tuesday is testing their products.
  • Mars isn't in this world Dan.Do you think Asher has a sub?
  • Most women are in love with chocolate so have probably heard of Cadbury. (tho @kathy is not like most women, she's a Bowie fan who hasn't heard of 'Is There Life on Mars.' (A ref to the planet rather than the choc bar. I'd like to think before I sink my teeth into a Mars bar everything in it is dead).
    Cadbury was bought by that chocolate Grabber Robert Kraft(not the only thing he likes grabbing, but I believe that was settled out of court) A figure @kathy will know as the owner of the Patriots. I think the confusion is the expression 'choca'. Short for chocablock, meaning filled to capacity. Hope that helps.

    BTW have you ever done the Cadbury factory tour at Bournville? Not quite Willy Wonka but a good day out, esp if you have kids and a wife who's a chocoholic.

    @desperatedan, stop rifling thru my joke book, it's not funny(my joke book that is). Insert Rolo guy here. (Do I have to explain that one @kathy?

    Anyways can't sit here all day talking to you losers, got lunch to eat, Inc. some white Toblerone. Also I believe owned by the Krafty one.
  • @BrianN thank you for your Lengthy explanation of chocolate on Mars, but I actually was joking about not getting the joke? Too lame of a joke for a lame jokester to get I guess
    *Insert Rolly Guy*
    Sorry to bore you! 'By the By' as you Folk over the pond say, I'll never understand That!! But By the By' I can't eat Choca due to the previous discussion about my dental issues ..
  • Seems my post was edited before I hit send, or I am more stressedc and tired than I thought¿
    Sweetp is quick, but can't be that quick?
    Ah well better off :)'Nighty Night Birdie Friends , Sweet Dreams
  • I always say nighty night to Twiggy, sweet doggy dreams.
    I presume dogs dream. I think she dreams about chasing birds. Sometimes her legs start running when she is sleeping.
    They don't have many worries, do they, dogs? As far as I know, they don't do testing for enemy subs and they can't even eat chocolate. As long are there lots of interesting things to sniff and their food and water bowls magically refill every now and again, they are happy.
    Not a bad life.
  • Oh no, a,Trick or Treat level in the Challenge today. Where on earth can I get 675 coins to open it. That's an awful lot of Pot Noodle adverts to sit through. Some poor individual has to test those I guess.
  • Count me in. And if Golden Wonder did factory tours I'd be right there.
  • Hey @karen68, I was just about to say hope you hang on to your trophy, but suspect there will be a bluestacks assault today. Asher, O'neski, and Comex 123.That second shot requires precision. It's not enough just to drop it thru the horizontal conc slab, it has to rest against the right hand wall. Even then the towers don't always topple. If you can punch in coordinates or press reset it improves your chances by approximately 1.2 gazillion. Bitter? Moi?
    Sad days Queen of Seasons, The Doctor has nipped ahead. Can see why you're good at this level, it takes place at night. I'm sure there's an owl in one of those trees.
  • No crunchy bacon bits. No crisps. No chocolate. How do you cope @kathy? Netflix and alcohol?
  • Well @karen68, this is awkward, after all that piffle I just beat your old score having got nowhere near it all night(shuffles off with red face).
  • I am up to 606 coins but still a long way to go.
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