Angry Birds Star Wars Facebook Tournament Level 5 Week 58 – January 24th 2014

Walkthrough video and non power-up strategy for Angry Birds Star Wars Facebook Tournament Level #5 (Day 5, released on January 24th, Week 58 which began on January 20th, 2014). Our non power up strategy is to send Han Solo into the two top pigs, and aim his blaster at the rightmost pigs below. Then fire a second bird on a similar trajectory, aim aim his blaster at the pigs under the platform at the last second. The score in the video below is 81,860.

Our Angry Birds Star Wars Facebook Tournament walkthroughs show you how to obtain 3 stars, most of the time without the aid of Power-Ups (we do make exceptions). If you have a different strategy feel free to leave a comment below; however, don't just post your score via the comments. Tournament walkthroughs are added weekly as new levels come out, so be sure to check the walkthrough page.

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Comments (12)

Profile photo of TerribletomRank: Sling God with 21720 points
By Terribletom (@terribletom)Score: 88,460

No P/U’s. First shot attempted was like video….but failed. Bird took out the top right pigs, but failed to fire. Knocked over the brown board with spikes, which took out the pigs on lower right.

2nd shot like video, just a bit more lasers richocheting?? 88k

Rank: Master Slinger with 6720 points
By sasilik (@sasilik)Score: 83,690

You cheated somehow. And don’t even deny it. I know. How I know? I just know. So, that said now I feel better because I can’t get such a score.

By DutchBaron

Did exactly the same as TerribleTom, but never got more than 77K. When it’s the same as in the video, I got 84,720.

Profile photo of NitroRank: Champion with 3420 points
By Nitro (@nitro)Score: 84,100

Yeah @terribletom … as @sasilik said.. something doesn’t add up to 88k.
Even using all 4 birds to destroy as much as I can only adds up to 65 – 66k, and assuming you could do it with only 2 birds (not likely), it would total a max of 86k without P/U’s

My best is (much like everyone else) 84k

Rank: Debriefed with 1470 points
By stevieboy (@stevieboy)Score: 82,890

2nd crystal same as video 81k so far and again i must stress is it just me or has this weeks levels seem to be just 1 strat related……im usually gr8 at finding alter/diff strats and love sharing them with fans too,but this week nope.its like the levels are too obvious,anyways gr8 fun,81k so far and i am gonna try and see if i can match @terribletom score.

Rank: Debriefed with 1470 points
By stevieboy (@stevieboy)Score: 82,890

whoops and of course no p/u.

Rank: Debriefed with 1470 points
By stevieboy (@stevieboy)Score: 82,890

ok went bk and tried terribletoms method and cant get past 78k with it,but im not accusing anyone of cheating as to me it aint a contest as long as i get 3stars,but i do agree with @sasilik ,i SUSPECT that MAYBE a cb was used.improved my score by another 2k almost with video method.almost 83k.

Profile photo of SteinbirdRank: Master Slinger with 6345 points
By Steinbird (@steinbird)Score: 62,380

As per video with a twist: 1. Aim Han on a standard 45 degree arc but at the SECOND pig at the top (don’t worry, everything will still fall down on the left). 2, Target the top of the wood on the wooden thing with the spikes as you reach the top. Destroying that adds some extra points, assures perfect targeting of the laser, and will assure a perfect flight for Han. This almost always knocks down ALL of the pigs on the right, leaving the last 2 under the ice. Assassinate them as per the vid. Consistently 80-81K. I think this will get you where you need to go, @stevieboy. But I am going to try @terribletom ‘s strat now. Something big must’ve gotten destroyed somewhere.

Profile photo of SteinbirdRank: Master Slinger with 6345 points
By Steinbird (@steinbird)Score: 62,380

I can get @terribletom‘s method to work every time, but I am getting higher scores with mine. But I think I’ve hit the wall, maybe will eek out a wee bit more from here, but I don’t see the points, unless I am missing something else to hit.

Rank: Debriefed with 1470 points
By stevieboy (@stevieboy)Score: 82,890

hiya @steinbird m8 . i dont know wat u mean by this will get me where i need to go….i got 3stars 2nd crystal with video method…..i didnt hv any probs on this level… for terribletoms method i just played about a wee bitty on that strat and was able 2 also replicate it no prob…..just could,t get the points he said he got…..maybe he got really lucky and did something,but i cant see what tho.

Profile photo of NitroRank: Champion with 3420 points
By Nitro (@nitro)Score: 84,100

@sal9 79k = 2* .. 80k = 3*

Rank: Avian Overlord with 15835 points
By sparty83 (@sparty83)Score: 95,130

2 birds, well, sorta.
First bird, use thermal detonator and fling just like walkthrough. Had about 47k
Second bird, use clone bird and blaster droid. (in essence, making this a 1 birder level) and fling just like walk through

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