Angry Birds Rio Carnival Upheaval Walkthrough Level 21 (8-6)

Our strategy for Carnival Upheaval level 8-6 is to lob Blu between the first and second roofs, thereby clearing most of the middle of the level. Loft the first White bird to bomb next to the last tower. If necessary, use the next White bird to take out the marmoset perched on the sand blocks in the top-right. The score in the video below is 77,750.

If you have a different strategy feel free to leave a comment below; however, don't just post your score via the comments, as that's what the leaderboards are for.

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Comments (18)

By Terry

83080 – Launch Blue into the second gap along the top… Leaves the two on the bottom left, and right, and the one top right. Drop egg on left bottom, 2nd egg take out right bottom, and it shoots into top right.

Rank: Master Slinger with 7205 points
By TruckDriver (@truckdriver)Score: 78,460

That’s what I used to get a similar score on my PC. Will have to try it on my other devices.


No special strategy in this stage but just lots of luck.
blue birds JUST into second gap as Terry and everybody’s knowhow.
when most of thing clear…..use white birds to bomb and clear the rest of wood, concrete etc…. pig baloom still there……left 2 birds +20000.
my score : 92390 (world # 12)
friend A : 95690 (world # 31)
friend B : 90280 (World # 14)

Rank: Master Slinger with 6390 points
By newcybroon (@newcybroon)Score: 94,330

Just got 94,330 using only the blue bird, a bit of a fluke but it can be done, just kept hitting the second ‘V’ shaped gap in the roof between the second and third marmosets.

Rank: Out of this World with 2510 points
By rocklands (@rocklands)Score: 99,070

trying a new 3 bird solution. First the same go for the 2nd V. After the first shot there should be lots of wood leaning on the tree on lefthand side. Send 2nd shot low from under the green balloon, to take out the balloon and break the tree. Should collapse all the wood as well. 3rd in the middle to take out remaining monkeys. This could possibly be a 2 bird solution if you kill everything on first shot and shoot the 2nd for extra point. Manage 96120 so far, but had the shot below where I almost had 98k. recon 100k+ should be possible

Rank: Pig Leader with 10250 points
By manu malin (@eweber)Score: 99,160

Sounds like a great strat rocklands. Will have to try that tonight

Rank: Pig Leader with 10250 points
By manu malin (@eweber)Score: 99,160

97040 after few minutes with 2 birds, definitively potential to break 100k

Rank: Pig Leader with 10250 points
By manu malin (@eweber)Score: 99,160

99160 with 3

Rank: Boss Hog with 13640 points
By AngryAdvisor (@lesleyg)Score: 89,360

I got my highest score with this method but second shot didn’t get as many points. There were only the two middle monkeys left and went for under the green balloon. Third shot to get two middle remaining monkeys. Great strat. ty

Rank: Avian Overlord with 16990 points
By Kathy (@kathy)Score: 85,220

It seems like with all the updates these older episodes have gotten more difficult. Trying @rockland strat , I just can’t get that tree to break with the second bird. Her carcass just bounces off of it.
@lesleyg I know it’s been a while but would you mind giving it a shot to see if it’s still possible?

Rank: Boss Hog with 13640 points
By AngryAdvisor (@lesleyg)Score: 89,360

Hello @Kathy ;-) Sure…Let me give it a few flings and see if I can get you a screenshot of the trajectory…TBC :D

Rank: Avian Overlord with 16990 points
By Kathy (@kathy)Score: 85,220

Thanks for your help @lesleyg :)

Rank: Boss Hog with 13640 points
By AngryAdvisor (@lesleyg)Score: 89,360

Whoo Hoo!!! Thanks @Kathy for bringing me back ;-)
I was able to improve first to 86980 then 89360 and I got you that screenshot of the second bird trajectory :D

As I’m sure you know, I almost always played zoomed out or where you can see the whole screen…( I’m never sure if others consider that zoomed in or out?) Anyway I send first bird in a high and far arch to land in the second “V” as described by Rocklands. For me, the trajectory dots will go diagonal through that first square bright light in the background above the people’s heads. Just slightly right of the center of that square light. On my high score, this got all but the far right monkey sitting on the sand block. He’s the one that keeps giving me the most trouble this time around ;-)
Then instead of just taking him out with the second bird…I chose to send WB upfront to get the balloon, tree and wood debris points…I only ending up getting a little over 8K with this shot so maybe I should have just finished off the right monkey and I would have had 91K-92K…but then I wouldn’t have a had a screenshot for you, lol ;-)

Here’s the screenshot for WB :

If you send WB as if you are going to hit the balloon just above it’s left eye…but drop the egg a split second before she hits the balloon, this should allow her “carcass” to come up through the balloon and cut through the palm tree. She should continue on the cut up some of the wood debris that is now leaning on the tree. I missed some points here…again, but this should get her to cut through the tree instead of just bouncing off of it as you mentioned above.

Then I sent the third bird to finish off that right bothersome Ape :-)

Good Luck Kathy…I hope this helps some!!!

Rank: Avian Overlord with 16990 points
By Kathy (@kathy)Score: 85,220

Congrats on improving score @lesleyg !! Wooot and thanks also for taking the time to help me out and the screenshot! !
I’ll give it my best fling:)

Rank: Boss Hog with 13640 points
By AngryAdvisor (@lesleyg)Score: 89,360

Thank you @Kathy and you are very welcome! GL ;-)

By Bamared

Ok folks day 4 trying to 3 star this one. So close 75740!

By Sandy

How do you get blue bird to come back down head first? Mine always comes down tail first.

Profile photo of PeeJayDee27Rank: Fling King with 4430 points
By PeeJayDee27 (@peejaydee27)Score: 85,330

Yeh, mine too. Perhaps they changed how it flies since the last update? I can’t see anyway that you can change it to come down head first.

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