Angry Birds Golden Egg Star Walkthrough Level 5

If you’re on an iOS device and have version 1.5 this level (sadly) replaces the Mighty Eagle’s Beak puzzle level. All other devices have this level as of v1.4.2. This level is actually a little challenging, so check out the walkthrough below if you can’t get the star.

* Note, the first part of the video shows you where to find the Golden Egg. The second part contains the walkthrough to unlock the Star. Video by FujiToast.

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    Comments (4)

    By Stidge

    Its the only way I can find that works!

    By Brielle

    I hate this golden egg level, I tried a lot of time and I can’t pass…..

    By Matty

    try hitting the second tnt. Aim for the top pig in the first pile. I got my egg that way.

    By Greg

    Matty’s suggestion worked in one try. I’ve been trying other ways for a while. That worked first try.

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