Angry Birds Free 3 Star Walkthrough Level 6-2

This method by Scarbzscope yields 100,820 points using 3 out of 4 birds.

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Comments (15)

By Dellarpignio

How do you activate the Glitch? Trying to get in the top 10. I am currently now on position 16 om world all time of the angry birds free version.

By Piratacs

This one can be done using 0 birds! After restarting the game just wait a while and the whole thing collapses out of the blue… It happens 1 time each 20 restarts or something like that.

I have 127880 on this one.. Good luck!

By Cleverclogs

The Glitch seems to work best when the view is zoomed out, at least on my iPad 1. Sometimes the stack settles, wobbles and overbalances – just keep restarting. I just got 127080.

By Cleverclogs

Make that 131020!

By Chris Corse


Rank: Master Slinger with 5190 points
By Trev17piano (@tnatiuk17piano)Score: 114,310

Yeah me too. I got 130060 with about 10 tries on my brother’s iPod and got 129970 on my phone on angry birds lite. Haha funny this is the only level I am able to catch in 0 birds.

By Brent

my game froze up , how do I get it unfroze ?

Rank: Sling God with 32080 points
By AMslimfordy (@amslimfordy)Score: 108,930

Restart the device should work

By Jharris

how do you get the white stone to appear when launch birds….my first day on this and. Zoomed to level 3 but haven’t read enough yet!

Rank: Sling God with 28845 points
By Bird Leader (@birdleader)Score: 120,890

That “white stone” is actually not part of the game, it’s a pointer that the video recording software uses to show where the person who’s doing the recording finger is on the screen. You can ignore it.

Rank: Master Slinger with 5190 points
By Trev17piano (@tnatiuk17piano)Score: 114,310

Besides the glitch I got this in 1 bird with 119k. Use your yellow bird to go through the two vertical wood blocks a bit higher than the stone horizontally placed. The entire thing could fall in about 1 out of 10 tries. If it does not work the first time, keep trying!

Rank: Out of this World with 2655 points
By Juslas (@juslas)Score: 129,180

I normally don’t bother use these glitches, and had just 102k high score previously. Anyway since some of the levels were updated to be more stable I though why not check out this one. I was ranked below 200 on this level, kind of stand out on my leader board :-)

Anyway, first I did 120k on iPad with one bird.
Simultaneously trying out 0 bird on iPhone – and glitch is still there. Not all collapses are total destruction but one is enough.

By Black Mighty Eagle

111160, when trying to copy your method, thought i made use of some bug or glitch, it was that sudden!

Rank: Champion with 3335 points
By ants97 (@antsand5597)Score: 129,870

Does the glitch still work on this level with the latest update? I’m assuming it does but I have tried well over 200 restarts and it still hasn’t collapsed.

Rank: Gold Flinger with 8615 points
By to mock a mockingbird (@vuelva)

having become curious by your comment, just had a run of 100 resets without even partial self-destruction whereas i recall it being 1 in 30 (1 in 20 mentioned in other comments above was a bit optimistic i think; or they have changed the level more than once). i also recall having had runs of 150+ without self-destruction on this one, so this doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist anymore more (one cannot prove the absence of self-collapse in this way anyway) but the level looks stabler than before to me (the top hollow square would quite frequently shift at least somewhat to the right, now it hardly moves at all). all this from memory from more than 1.5 years ago (haven’t played these levels since).

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