Angry Birds Epic Moorlands Level 2 Walkthrough

Below is our gameplay walkthrough that will help you beat Angry Birds Epic Moorlands Level 2 with 3 stars. Moorlands level 2 is located on the North Western edge of the snowy mountain where the Mountain Pig Castle resides. Note, this is a side quest to reach the Bottomless Cave that is not necessarily required to reach the King Pig’s Castle.

If you have a different strategy for completing this level feel free to leave a comment below. Be sure to check out the rest of our Angry Birds Epic walkthroughs here as well as join the conversation in the Epic Forum.

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    Rank: Master Slinger with 5500 points
    By SeasonsKing (@theangrybird)

    I can’t seem to get the same lick as the video. Red don’t seem to stun the enemies as often as in the video as in my game. -_-

    Rank: Sling God with 27100 points
    By MVNLA2 (@mvnla2)

    @theangrybird — I agree. Actually, I’ve never seen red stun the enemy. I’m playing 1.0.10, and the Brute’s health is 1976 compared to 1520 in the video. This makes it next to impossible to kill him before he strikes.
    Also I don’t have some of the identical equipment and don’t know if that makes a difference.
    I have a different weapon for red, so his attack power is 3x 52, instead of 3 X 57 as in video; however my blue’s attack with 153 compared to 143 in video.
    I also have a different weapon for yellow.
    So the question is how do you get the different weapons for red and yellow and what do they do for you?

    Rank: Champion with 3575 points
    By Omega X (@omega-x)

    I do not know the weapon for Chunk but I do know the weapon for Red, which is the ‘Soft Hammer’ if I remember correctly. It has a 10% of stunning enemies, and is received through the Golden Pig Machine. Hopes this helps =)

    Omega X

    Rank: Sling God with 27100 points
    By MVNLA2 (@mvnla2)

    Managed to get through this with Samuri, Lightning, and Druid at level 16, and a huge amount of patience, not to mention quite a bit of healing potion. In the 3rd wave you need to use the chilli on Matilda to heal; heal the bird with the lowest health and protect Matilda. This means you get one strike by red every other turn, hence the huge amount of patience. The next levels sure had better be easier, as promised by @Burbman

    Rank: Deputized with 235 points
    By JoshSP1985 (@joshsp1985)

    I managed to beat this after a few tries with what I feel is just about the lowest possible geared/ranked team that can take this dungeon.


    Stage 1 just make sure you go into stage 2 with tricksters damage buff up and full health,

    Stage 2 chili on red then attack with all cards. I got a few stuns to proc which helped but you’re pretty much going to cure with blues after healing debuff then heal the lowest target or the target the big dude is going to smash, make sure you samurai shield before big attack eventually healing will let you kill one of them then its to finish the one that’s left.

    Stage 3 just make sure to Samurai before he attacks and heal up whoever his target is with your primary healing.

    It took me about 15 tries and I had a couple of reds stuns proc but low rank (13) no epic sets etc, no potions.

    By NN

    Similar tactics, but used Princess Matilda. In the first round she made pigs attack Red and her healing power is much better. In round three I focused on healing and providing protection to the birds every second round. Matilda’s healing (she used rage chilli twice) made it possible to three-star the level!

    Rank: Flinger with 75 points
    By Bishbash (@bishbash)

    So I didn’t have any equipment other than the stuff unlocked through game play, I was at level 13 by this point (says this is optional I only started playing a few days ago and this seems mandatory to progress in the story) I used Red (samurai) Matilda (princess) and Bomb (cannoneer) their hp varied between 350 and 475. At points you’ll find you’re constantly healing with Matilda, protecting with Red and chipping away with Bomb but use chillies on Red when possible and you should find it manageable. I used one potion on each bird at one point but achieved 3 stars.

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